The purpose of Live Sent Media is to prompt culture-changing conversations and provide life-giving resources.

Jesus was sent. Emmanuel. God WITH us. Us with God. With Him we live from a cross-secured identity. With Him we live in the resurrection story of a forever purpose.

The Message the Creator had always been communicating with us came near for us to realize Whose we are. He was a living Word. A letter of sorts. The best picture of God we will ever get. And His message was a declaration to all the world – God thinks you are worth dying for.

The prophet Jeremiah said that God was going to write His love on the hearts of His people. The missionary Paul wrote that Christ wrote His message not on stone tablets but into human lives. The Messiah Jesus commanded that we live sent as He was sent to us. Loving as He loved. And so we are His letter of love, both living loved and giving love.

Kind of like how an email is never composed just to sit saved in the draft box of our email but rather in the sent box, so Jesus intends His church to do more than sit saved at a Sunday gathering. In fact, I would suggest He never intended that we just go to church. He wants us to be the church, His people, reminding ourselves and embodying to others exactly what God thinks of all of us.

May we LIVE SENT with Him. Herein is abundant life: becoming disciples of Jesus who make disciples with Jesus, on Earth as it is in Heaven.