well, it’s underway.

Well, it’s underway. Thanks to many of you who have encouraged, spoken into, pushed, and even kicked me in the rear to get going on sharing the message of LIVE SENT. Please surf the site and shoot me some feedback. It is “live” but certainly not been made public yet. I simply wanted to share it with some of you to give some feedback (and maybe be among the first to support and purchase resources :o).

Here are some goals for 2009:

  • release the LIVE SENT DVD in April when we share the message in a breakout session at the Exponential Conference
  • release the book (LIVE SENT: your life is a letter) by July 2009
  • initiate a company that will exist to share the message out into our culture through creative expression and philosophical discussion in both stealthy and non-stealthy ways. You can take a sneak peak at one example by clicking here.
  • release a 2nd book (Thoughts on Being) by the end of the year (it’s mostly written, needs final tweaks – wanted to get the LIVE SENT book out 1st).


Please pray for my family and me and for Westpoint and for Reproducing Churches as we continue to live sent and learn what that really means.

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