two headlines for LIVE SENT

The book is in final edit!!!

We are told that there may be a hard copy ready by September 16th. Praying that is so. Should have a pre-release available for sale on “AMAZON Kindle” before then. I really hope the book will be an encouragement and a challenge to those who read it. 

Join us for The LIVE SENT Conversation

…in Lakeland, FL September 17th and 18th. Find details and register by clicking here. This is the “unconference” formerly known as “BLOSSOM.” We are hoping to have a symbol for the name soon, kind of like Prince had when he became “formerly known as.” 🙂

Click here to visit my blog and watch an interview with Neil Cole in prep for the conversation together. Enjoy.

And, come hang with us. Neil Cole and Alan Hirsch and Hal Haller and Robert Beckman and so many others will be joining together to converse about living sent and releasing leaders to live sent daily. Hope to see you there!!!

Thanks for the prayers and support!


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