highlights from the LIVE SENT conversation

Last week, September 17th and 18th to be exact, the Reproducing Churches Network hosted “the LIVE SENT conversation” in Lakeland, FL. It was an amazing two days of conversation with some awesome leaders who are serious about cultivating cultures of people who live sent daily. Here are three highlights:

  • You can read some of the highlights from Twitter-land by clicking here.
  • You can watch one of Neil Cole’s teaching sessions by clicking here.
  • You can watch one of my teaching sessions by clicking here.

So thankful for Hal and Robert and Billy and Adam and Sharon and Lindsey and Ashley and Julia and so many others who made the conversation happen. And thanks to Neil Cole and Alan Hirsch and JE Caterson and others who joined us to facilitate conversation. AWESOME TIMES!

If you are in Central FL and want to connect to one of the Reproducing Churches network groups, please let me know. I will try to point you in the right direction.

How are you living sent? Leave your story and feedback from the highlights above here.

Much love.


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