Well. It has been almost a month since LIVE SENT: you are a letter came out. The response so far has blown Jen and me away! Thanks to all of you! If you have not gotten a copy yet, you can by clicking here.

If you have gotten a copy, I would really like your feedback. Please comment here, send me an email, or review it on That’d rock! And if you found it encouraging and worthwhile, please share it with someone. I am thankful God entrusted that message to us, and we simply want to be faithful to share it and hope it cultivates His Kingdom expression in beautiful ways everywhere.

Keep living sent! Love y’all!


2 thoughts on “feedback.

  1. Heard Jason Dukes tonight at Cornerstone Church in St. Cloud! He gave us a lot to think about as far as our “churchianity” goes. Let’s get out there and be the church that God intended us to be, by getting outside of the four walls. Let’s be the church in the marketplace, the school place, the recreation place, wherever we go the other 6 days of the week when we don’t go to the gathering place.

  2. If you haven’t read this yet do so! It will change your outlook as to your part in the greater story. Jason breaks down traditional principles into easy to understand, relevant motivators to go out and live the way you were created to live. We are a vessel and the only way that a vessel is of any worth is it must be filled in order to be poured out. Believe me it will be a paradigm shift, there has already been a shift throughout Central Florida where Jason’s message of living sent has already reached.

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