a few comments from readers…

Just wanted to share some of the encouraging feedback that people have sent in. Means so much.

From Jami –

Page 135 the last three paragraphs of “sending leaders”.  Freedom is what comes to mnd.  Freedom for me to do what God has inspired me to do (which is not grand, big or exciting, but it is about pleasing God)  and Freedom to not control other peoples lives.  Your book may not inspire everyone Jason, but it has brought freedom to me and has reminded me that I am here to truely Love God and to seek his approval not mans.  When I do that I am able to Love those around me better.  Jason, thanks for being faithful in your relationship with our Lord and for sharing with us what He has so graciously shown you.

From Scott –

“Hey Jason, reading your book !!! Lovin it!  It’s helping me to develop a healthy new way at moving my church into its new season!  Thanks brother for your encouragement!”

From Bill –

I am a sixty-eight year old traditionalist. I even bleed Southern Baptist. I am very worried that churches are changes in the wrong direction a lot of the time and even becoming irreverent in some ways such as calling Minister’s of Music, Worship Leaders.  I firmly believe that everything that takes place in our church service should be worship including prayer, preaching, music, and even taking up the offering.  I said this just to give you a little background. I know very little.

I just finished reading your book, LIVE SENT: you are a letter, which I could not put down once I started it, and my wife will tell you that this doesn’t happen very often.  Something has to really get my attention to read it so fast. I totally agree that we all need to live sent 24/7.  I also love the point that we need be the church more than we need to go to church.  You have given me a great deal to think about; reminding me, that not only do I need to “live sent,” but that I need to help others understand that also.

I am currently serving in Central FL and hope to incorporate much of what I read into my ministry here.  I praise God that He has given you the insight to write this book and I pray that many more people will read it and realize that living sent is our purpose for living.

Thankful. Prayerful. Trying to live sent.



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