how NASCAR connected me with New Hope Publishers

So the book LIVE SENT: you are a letter re-releases officially Tuesday, April 5th. Pretty exciting stuff! And I am so grateful to New Hope Publishers for it. They not only been great to work with in this get-a-book-published process, they are also a people serious about the mission of God. It is a privilege to be connected with them.

Along with that, I want to thank NASCAR for helping to get the book published.

“NASCAR?!?!” – you say?

Yes. Thanks to my brother-in-law and my son and to NASCAR. Follow me here.

Jake, my brother-in-law, started liking NASCAR. Watching 43 800-horsepower sponsor-stickered cars turn left for 3.5 hours at a time was never appealing to me. That is until Jake infected my son, his nephew, with NASCARitis. In turn, Caleb, my son, infected our entire family and about 10 of his friends. And we all have it bad.

So much so, that we decided to brave what becomes the most populated city in Alabama every April and October – Talladega. It’s a 2.6 mile oval track concreted and bleachered out in the middle of the north Alabama foothills. We went in October, of course to enjoy the fall foliage. My dad, my brother, my nephew (his son), Caleb (my son), and me. It was AWESOME!!! Big wrecks and fast cars and close finishes. And Cracker Barrel afterwards.

That’s where I met this guy and his family in the toy section of the Cracker Barrel store. You know – the section that has that parrot with the motion sensor that records your voice and plays it back with a helium-induced pitch. Jonathan and his family were there. They live near there. They weren’t at the race, but our conversation quickly turned to NASCAR since it was why we were there and since he likes NASCAR, too.

By the time we both were sitting at our respective tables, thanks to iPhones we were following each other on Twitter. So I guess I need to thank Twitter, too.

About six months later, and a mutual connection telling Jonathan that I wrote a book (so thanks to Adrian and Leah, too), Jonathan and I were on the phone talking about me signing with New Hope Publishers.

I left one thing out – Jonathan works for them. And I now work with him, at least on a small scale, releasing the 2nd edition of a book that is both the metaphor our church family has emphasized for seven years AND the “manifesto” of sorts for the network

So, that’s the story of how Jake infected Caleb who infected all of us such that we would go to a race in the middle of nowhere only afterward to meet Jonathan (at a Cracker Barrel) with whom I would stay connected via Twitter to whom I would become more connected thanks to Adrian and Leah for whom I now work, at least technically in a small way.

Pretty cool, huh? And I am very grateful.

LIVE SENT: you are a letter (the 2nd edition) releases officially this coming Tuesday. Let us know if you see it out and let us know if you read it and let us know what you think and let us know if you have any cool stories of people living sent.

And stay tuned for a lot more blogging on this site in the next three months.

Much love!

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