LIVE SENT releases today!!!

New Hope Books released LIVE SENT: you are a letter today!!! Here are some of the spots where you can order it or pick it up:

You may be saying, “I thought this book came out in 2009.” Well, the first edition did. In fact, if you go to buy the new one, make sure you are buying the one with the khaki-colored cover. The white one is the old one. It is out of print, but there are still a few out there available, especially on Amazon.

Anyway, this brand new one has more than just a much better cover. It has four new chapters, CONSIDER and CONVERSE questions at the end of each chapter for better small group study, some new stories, and an amazing group of folks getting the message out (BIG THANKS TO NEW HOPE PUBLISHERS!!!).

SO, if you read it before and want to check out the new stuff, grab one. If you read it before and think it’s worth passing on, gift one. If you haven’t ever read it, then we invite you to check it out. I hope that this metaphor and message will challenge and encourage you as much as it has me and my family and our local church family.

Here’s what a few folks are saying about the book (and I didn’t even pay them to say it):

“LIVE SENT articulates an intensely practical, decidedly missional philosophy of life in a way that anyone can access. A blessing.”
Alan Hirsch

“This is the best book regarding practical missional living I have ever read.”
Jason Egly

“LIVE SENT is communicating a message that is vital for people to truly understand the mission for which they were created.”
Ed Stetzer

“For the first time in my life I actually get that I don’t simply go to church, but I am the church, and my mission in life is to love and serve others.”
Julie Young


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