do you know the Sender?

I have come to know God as the Sender. The Sender of His creativity when He spoke into existence an environment in which we could experience Him. The Sender of His love when He made us even though He knew we would betray Him. The Sender of His mercy when He patiently unfolded a plan to redeem us. The Sender of His grace when He put on skin to restore us. The Sender of His Gospel when He launched a movement called the church. And thus, as His church, the Sender of you and me.

It was His intention. More than self-improvement religion, ours is a beyond-me spirituality where personal relationship and unconditional love blossom into the selfless mission that is to be our daily lives. We are a letter of His love. He even taught that we experience His love to the fullest when we are giving it away to family, to neighbors, to co-workers, into local community, and around the world. I am praying to be more and more mindful to live sent daily.

I have been compelled to tell the “live sent” story for more than seven years now. It has been a catalyst in so many lives around me and my family. People who have embraced the intention to live as God’s letter of love have come to know Him in more profound ways than ever before. Why? Because in living sent we have begun to live and move WITH Jesus, not just live FOR Him. And going on mission with Him is so much more abundant than just trying to be good for Him.

I hope you will be moved to move, too. Like Jesus said, “Peace be with you. As I have been sent, now I am sending you.” [John 20:21]


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