LIVE SENT _ remember the forgotten ways

Alan and Deb Hirsch are not only really cool because of their awesome South African and Australian accents (respectively), but they are really cool because they think and live in a “live sent” way. I am blessed not only to appreciate the wisdom of their writings and teachings, but also to appreciate their friendship.

Alan had some very kind words to say about LIVE SENT and the way our church family and the Reproducing Churches Network is living it out daily:

Jason Dukes is the real deal…a living letter, sent into the world that God has called him to. In LIVE SENT, he articulates an intensely practical, decidedly missional, philosophy of life in a way that anyone can access.  A blessing.
~Alan and Deb Hirsch
Among other books, Alan is the author of The Forgotten Ways and co-author of Right Here, Right Now and On The VergeDebra Hirsch authored Untamed along with Alan.
Thankful for you guys. Grateful for the way God is using the Hirsch’s to remind us of His intention for His church.

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