the risen SENT One

Maybe you are like me. Wrecked. Made whole. Disturbed. Securely held. Gripped. Increasingly grateful. All of these responses to the Gospel, the Good News, that God loves us and planned on coming near to restore us before we even put our relationship with Him in disrepair. He asked us to marry Him, told us He would go to prepare our home together, and promised to return for the wedding feast. He made us His unfaithful but redeemed bride. He paid a dowry with His life and then rose to give us new life and be our living Groom. And we don’t have to be alone or condemned or hopeless or lost in our selfishness anymore.

Good news.

He is risen and coming again.

And one of His first assertions to His followers after His resurrection was this:

As the Father sent me, now I am sending you.
-Jesus in John 20:21

Are you living sent? If you are, it may one of the most significant demonstrations that He is actually alive. If you are not, then you may not be affirming His resurrection with your daily life.

May we live sent that the world will believe in the One who was sent.

Happy Easter!!!

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