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i am a doubter and a believer, a follower and a leader, a bride and a husband, a son and a father, a brother and a friend, a learner and a teacher, a writer and a reader, an art-lover and a sports-fan.


Well. It has been almost a month sinceĀ LIVE SENT: you are a letter came out. The response so far has blown Jen and me away! Thanks to all of you! If you have not gotten a copy yet, you can by clicking here. If you … Continue reading feedback.

highlights from the LIVE SENT conversation

Last week, September 17th and 18th to be exact, theĀ Reproducing Churches Network hosted "the LIVE SENT conversation" in Lakeland, FL. It was an amazing two days of conversation with some awesome leaders who are serious about cultivating cultures of people who live sent daily. Here … Continue reading highlights from the LIVE SENT conversation


LIVE SENT: you are a letter. is now available on Check it out by clicking here. If you are reading the book or plan to read the book, please consider going to to leave an honest review once you've read it. I would … Continue reading on

pre-order LIVE SENT: you are a letter.

It is both sobering and exciting to be sharing with you that Ā LIVE SENT: you are a letterĀ is online available forĀ pre-order. It is on the publisher's website right now, and it will be at and many others in the next two weeks. It will … Continue reading pre-order LIVE SENT: you are a letter.

a book cover

I have written a book. That's still a bit surreal to even type. I was encouraged to do it, felt a compulsion that I should, and so I did. It's taken a while, but it's done. It's not that I think I should be read … Continue reading a book cover