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i am a doubter and a believer, a follower and a leader, a bride and a husband, a son and a father, a brother and a friend, a learner and a teacher, a writer and a reader, an art-lover and a sports-fan.

two years ago tonight…

Even before my mom and dad were in their accident on April 4th, 2009 around 7:30pm CDT, I had already decided to dedicate LIVE SENT: you are a letter to my mom. Why? Two very simple reasons. 1 _ because Mom always encouraged me to … Continue reading two years ago tonight…

three reasons not to read LIVE SENT

Considering reading the New Hope Publisher's release of LIVE SENT: you are a letter? Just to warn you, here are three reasons you may not want to read that book: 1 _ because you may be really comfortable just "going to church." If that's you, … Continue reading three reasons not to read LIVE SENT

how NASCAR connected me with New Hope Publishers

So the book LIVE SENT: you are a letter re-releases officially Tuesday, April 5th. Pretty exciting stuff! And I am so grateful to New Hope Publishers for it. They not only been great to work with in this get-a-book-published process, they are also a people … Continue reading how NASCAR connected me with New Hope Publishers

living sent Vintage style

The Fox News 8 crew in New Orleans did a feature story on Vintage Church, led by my friend Rob Wilton. CLICK HERE for the article and video, both totally worth the read and view. In the video, Rob mentions Jake Smith who leads their band on Sunday morning. … Continue reading living sent Vintage style

a LIVE SENT intro video

Check out this AWESOME "Live Sent" video that my friend Travis made for MissionLAB New Orleans last summer. "Live Sent" was their theme then. It was an amazing summer for over 3500 students. If you've not heard of it and are interested in participating, let … Continue reading a LIVE SENT intro video

an example of living sent together

Wow. You need to take five minutes to watch this video that my father-in-law sent to me. It is one of the most meaningful examples of living sent as a community of people I have ever seen. May it inspire us to be humanity beautiful … Continue reading an example of living sent together

a “live sent” song

A friend of mine in the panhandle of Florida emailed me that he had written a song inspired by the "LIVE SENT" message. It is called "Give My Life Away." I asked him if I could share it with you. He said, "Yes, just know … Continue reading a “live sent” song