Check out this story from my new friend @TransformWords about how he and some friends tried to put #LiveSent into action…

A new friend of mine, whom I met because he read LIVE SENT and so we connected online, shared with me that he and some friends tried to put into action the LIVE SENT message at a protest rally earlier this month in Dallas. Here’s that story…

The scene was a protest rally of people against Gov. Rick Perry’s efforts to call Texas and the nation to prayer. Don found out about the protest. Instead of deciding to protest a protest (there’s a Proverb about a kind word turning away wrath or something), he decided to message out via Facebook and Twitter to some friends of his to see if they wanted to head out that coming weekend and serve the protestors by providing them with bottles of water during the 100 degree heat.

That’s what they did.

Here’s what Don wrote in his reflections on the day:

This weekend went amazingly well. There were six of us that went down. Two people from TVC, including me, and then some friends who are part of other church families. This worked out because there were about 20-25 protesters, and that was a good ratio that allowed us to serve them and get into some good conversations.

There are a couple lasting relationships that seem to have been made.

David is an atheist, but seemed to really take in and process what Alex (friend who leads the Bible study I’ve been part of over the summer) and I were saying. He didn’t necessarily agree with our views, but he at least philosophically understood where we were coming from. I’ve added him to my FB, and am hoping to be able to meet up with him again soon.

Jessica is an atheist as well, and she’s the person who organized the protest. She’s much more closed off, easily getting her emotions rattled. Still praying about how/if to engage her and her boyfriend (who I didn’t know was there until we were leaving).

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Grateful for your heart to want to give yourself away, Don. Praying friendship with David and Jessica and her boyfriend will blossom. And that the Kingdom in their lives will, too.

May we actually live sent…

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